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    Radar Use Cases

    Personalized Roadmap Planning Software

    Optimize Your Company Calendar

    Built with your enterprise in mind, Radar Scheduler helps you get more out of your company calendar as you plan projects, refine processes, and innovate faster than ever before.

    Project Management

    By combining Radar with Adobe Workfront, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect your projects – or portfolios, programs, tasks or issues – with an easy to use drag and drop tool that schedules down to the minute.

    Roadmap Planning

    Visually outline your product development strategy in Radar. Drag and drop tasks on the calendar to plan your roadmap, making it easy and flexible. Then integrate with Adobe Workfront to make sure tasks are being tracked and completed against your projects.

    Resource Management

    People are your businesses most valuable resource. Radar allows you the flexibility to schedule peoples time down to the minute, so you can be sure your teams are running at peak efficiency across all projects at all times.

    Portfolio Planning

    Radar lets you zoom out to a 5 year view to see the big picture or zoom in to a minute view to see the details, making it the ideal tool for portfolio planning. And once finished, you can quickly push the plans directly from Radar to your Workfront instance via our integration.

    Team Collaboration

    Integrating Radar with Adobe Workfront let’s you push your project details into a customizable calendar view that can be easily seen across teams, ensuring everyone stays aligned and working together smoothly.

    Agile Planning

    Use Radar’s Kanban boards to take your agile planning to the next level. Integrate Radar within Adobe Workfront to allow you to do complex agile planning without ever needing to leave your Workfront instance.

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